Sejoe is a well-rounded artist who has a natural born talent in all things creative. Since 2009, Sejoe has been providing the Haitian and Haitian-American community with high quality humorous content in Creole, French and English. A stickler for fluid visuals, Sejoe writes, edits, produces and directs all of his work, proving his ability to build a space of creative freedom.

Born in Brooklyn but raised in Port-au-Prince, Sejoe's comedy is unique and maintains the voice and perspective of both Haiti and America. The effortless transition between three languages has set Sejoe a part from others, carving a lane specifically for him.

Sejoe obtained a degree in Biology and minors in both Chemistry and French from The Florida State University in order to satisfy his mother. After mailing his mother his diploma, he began to dedicate all of his time into his craft.

If you're interested in knowing who God listens to when He's having a bad day, we'd put money on it that Sejoe is on his iPod.