#TBT: Se Joe Interview on Chokarella

"His startup on youtube has taken him further than he ever thought he could reach."

By Carel Pedre 

Yes Yes… Sa Kap Fèt La a…. Hello again and welcome to my first TBT post!

I chose to bring back attention to one very talented Haitian comedian whom I happened to meet through my friend Timoza last year. He had come in Haiti to film a documentary about an orphanage and stopped by ChoKarelLa on monday August 22, 2011 to introduce himself and talk about his work. His name? Joseph Ducasse aka Se Joe.

Se Joe, or @Se_Joe on twitter, is what you would call a down to earth young haitian comedian. He understands that his public is composed of people who come from all walks of life, and he makes sure his material can appeal to all of them, by putting all his talent into telling very distinctive Haitian jokes.

The funny part in all of this is that, had he not listened to his heart, Se Joe would have probably never set foot on a stage, because his family, being a typical Haitian family, had hopes of him becoming a doctor. And believe it or not, Joseph has obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Biology and minors in both Chemistry and French from The Florida State University in Tallahassee. Impressive, I know!

His startup on youtube has taken him further than he ever thought he could reach, with a public so fond of his work that he had to give them more of himself, by creating his own website, SeJoe.com, his android App and more recently, by deciding to post one joke a day on his instagram account, Se_Joe.

Needless to say that both the website and the IG account are getting him the attention that they deserve, and that the comedian is getting recognition for his hard work! You too should become a fan, as I have, by checking out his website or his IG account and showing your support.

Well, there goes my TBT of the week! A interview with Se Joe on #chokarella. Hope you enjoyed it! Until next time!